“ArrrrrrT”: The cultural bonding

“ArrrrrrT” International Art Festival is a community base public art education and multinational art exchange program held in August, 2018. Initiated by a local village community from Weifang, China, was coordinated by Chinese artist Inza Yin and invited artists from all over the world to work scenes in the native agricultural society. Erina Tamrakar and Saurganga Darshandhari represented Nepal in the art festival to explore their ideas and pour their emotive expression through the art works.

The open perspective reflects the desire and demand for pure art in a village culture construction. This not only satisfies the construction of the cultural image of small villages in the era of the Internet, but also takes into account the sustainability of artistic projects involved in the development of rural cultural ecology. Adhering to the historical development and modernity construction, we hold the position of realistic humanism and rational art criticism, enabling new norms and orders of the social culture in the Internet era, planting the contemporary art in the countryside, and using confused what is “new value measure”.

The interaction between art and people, art and rural cultural context, and art and modern humanistic spirit shows a robust romantic feeling in emphasizing the “self-growth” and “free choice” of art. Calling forth the ideals of social progress. “Good art” has different visual perceptions in different fields, it means diverse and rich standards outside the cultural center. At the other end of the construction of mainstream arts and position of art in the history of world art, is allowing more people to enjoy and experience the charm of what creative visual language can provide as a perspective for history to re-examine “art”. 

Inter link between the cultural values and artistic venture is very interesting in development of art in the world. We hope to explore the relationship between “art and current life” through “immersive immersion” and discuss the artistry of “identity recognition” in the current cultural context. Taking into account the village image construction, the realization of artistic functions becomes more concrete.

History contains the facts and cannot be manipulated. We do not want to be controlled by the reality of the future, allowing those who are used to globalization and the modernity of large-scale monopolies.

Culminating the artists’ journey of expressive performance and dialogue among different personalities helps to recollect various cultural bonding. This particular art festival allows the exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge. Globalization is all about the facts of sharing and gaining the knowledge of perception.

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