Bidhata KC

She has always believed that much of our socio-political history, culture, traditions and values are preserved and portrayed in various forms of art. She believes that artistic expressions give spaces to capture historic moments in time, capture socio-cultural realities and most importantly, provides the freedom of expression to socio-political issues.

Artist Bidhata KC is one of the most pertinent contemporary artist in Nepal. Her work expresses versatility and exceptional creativity, explored through a variety of media as a platform to explore nature and society. Nationally and internationally, she has been prolific in exhibiting her works, attending workshops. She is the recipient of prestigious ‘Arniko National Youth Art Award 2010. She has done more than 8 solo exhibitions and has participated in various group exhibitions and projects both nationally and internationally. In 2013, she was awarded with ‘Master Tej Bahadur Chitrakar Smriti Puraskar’ for the Best Painting/Artist category and in 2011 her painting bagged ‘Special Mention Award’ in National Fine Art Exhibition. Additionally, in 2006/7 she got the ‘Asian Artist Fellowship Program’ from Contemporary Art Museum of Korea. She was a grantee of ‘Glocalization of Art: Contemporary Art Practice 2010’, from Lasana, ‘Artist in the City- Urbanization & Urban culture2011’, from Social Science Baha, ‘NAC Travel Grant 2015’, from Nepal Art Council. She was represented by the Nepal Art Council, for the India Art Fair 2016. KC was one of the commissioned artist for the Kathmandu Triennale (2017). She was honoured by ‘Artist of the Year 2018’, Women with Vision II, 100 Most Influential Women of Nepal /RSTC and in 2018 ‘. She is one of the recipient of ‘Australian Himalayan Foundation Art Award 2018’. She was awarded by ‘Bhadrakumari  Ghale Fine Art Award 2020’, by  Bhadrakumari Ghale Sewa Sadan.

Bidhata KC

Visual Artist

Academic Background

Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting 2001 (Lalit Kala Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal)

Master of Sociology 2004 (Patan Multipal Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal)

Master of Fine Arts in print 2010 (Fine Art Department, Tribhuvan University, Nepal)



2018:   ‘Artist of the Year 2018’, Women with Vision II, 100 Most Influential Women of Nepal /RSTC

2018:   ‘Australian Himalayan Foundation Art Award’, Nepal

2013:   ‘Master Tej Bahadur Chitrakar  Smriti Puraskar’- Best Painting/Artist award

2011:   Special Mentioned Award, National Exhibition of Fine Arts, Nepal

2010:   Arniko National Youth Art Award, Gold Medal, Nepal (Explain: National Government Award for excellence in Modern Art and Contributions to the Development of Art in Nepal)


Grant and Fellowship

2015:   ‘NAC Travel Grant 2015’, Nepal Art Council, Nepal

2011:   ‘Artist in the City- Urbanization & Urban culture’, Interactive Mapping and Archiving Center, Nepal

2010:   ‘Glocalization of Art: Contemporary Art Practice’, Lasana, Nepal

2006-07:  Asian Artist Fellowship Program, Contemporary Art Museum of Korea, Korea


Solo Exhibition National

2019:   ‘Structural Beauty’, Dalai la Art Space, Nepal

2018:   ‘Shifting Values: Expectation Vs Reality’, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Nepal

2018:   ‘Thopaharu (,),’ GG Machan, Pulchowk, Nepal

2013:   ‘A Decade in Art’, Sarwanam Art Gallery, Nepal

2012:   ‘Time at Crossroads’ (Dobatoma Ubhiyeko Samaya), Mammy’s Eatery & Tapas, Nepal

(Paintings are based on Poet Bhim Karki’s poems)

2009:   ‘Kaleidoscope’, Imago- Dei Gallery,Nepal

2008:   ‘Symbolic Embodiment’, Yala Maya Kendra, Nepal

2007:   ‘Foliage’, Shangri-La Hotel, Nepal


Solo Exhibition International

2009:   ‘20.66 mt. S.L.M.’, Venice, Italy

2007:   ‘Interrelation’, Goyang Art Studio, Goyang City, Korea


Installations National

2019:   ‘Hiti-dhungedhara’, Labim, Lalitpur

2018:   ‘Embedded Nothingness’, Gallery Mcube, Chakupat, Nepal

2017:   ‘In Between- Rato Machindranath’, Kathmandu Triennial, Art Council, Nepal

2015:   ‘Nilah’, interactive installation, Image Ark Gallery, Nepal

2014:   ‘Jigsaw Puzzles’, interactive installation, Nepal Art Council, Nepal

2008:   ‘Unsung’, Yala Maya Kendra, Nepal

2008:   ‘Aasha’ at Basantapur, Nepal

2007:   ‘Door’ at Jyamircot, Nepal

2007:   ‘Persistence’ at Shangri-La, Lazimpath, Nepal


Installations International

2009:   ‘Out of Emptiness’, interactive installation, Venice, Italy

2007:   ‘Inscape’ at Goyang Art Studio, Korea

2006:   ‘Pigment’ at Goyang Art Studio, Korea


Collaborative Installation:

2013:   ‘Gadha lai Bhari Pugena Bhane Runcha’, Martin Chautari, Nepal

2012:   ‘Still Life’ American Ambassador Residency, Nepal

2011:   ‘Sri Ganesh’, Art Council, Nepal

2011:   ‘Elapse’, Art Council, Nepal

2010:   ‘You Could be the One…’, Lasana, Nepal

2010:   ‘…Sense of Beauty?’, Lasana, Nepal


Residency National

2018:   ‘Air Mcube season 8’ 3 months residency, Chakupath, Lalitpur, Nepal

2014:   ‘Fragments of Mustang’, 8 days residency, Lomanthang, Mustang, Nepal

2007:   ‘Female heroes/ her stories’, Lasanaa, an alternative art space, Nepal

2007:   ‘Inspiration Manaslu’, at Manaslu, Nepal

2007:   ‘Naya Nepal’, Arohan Gurukul, Nepal

2006:   ‘Impression of Manang’, at Manang, Nepal


Residency International

2007:   6 months residency, Goyang Art Studio, Goyang City, Korea


Selected Group Exhibitions National

2019:   ‘Himalayan Art Festival’, Nepal Art Council, Nepal

2019:   ‘Amalgam’, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Nepal

2018:   ‘Haptic Perception’, Dalai-la Art Space, Nepal

2018:   ‘Sight and Sound’, Gallery Mcube, Chakupat, Nepal

2018:   ‘Seduction of Print Making’, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Nepal

2017:   ‘City: My Studio / City: My Life ’, Kathmandu Triennial, Nepal Art Council, Nepal

2017:   ‘Sexuality’, stories of sexuality and sexual rights of socially discriminated women, Patan Museum, Nepal

2014:   ‘Masculinities, Gender Identities and the Role of Men in Prevention and Elimination of Gender Based Violence’, organized by UNP, NAFA, Nepal

2013:   ‘A Federal Life’, Yala Maya Kendra, Nepal

2012:   ‘Under the Bodhi Tree’, Sidhartha Art Gallery, Nepal


Selected Group Exhibitions International

2019:   ‘Shanghai International Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition and Workshop 2019’, Dragon Modern Art Center, Shanghai, China

2019:   ‘Global Women- Women’s Art’, Artbridge Gallery, Chiangrai, Thailand

2019:   ‘Balance for Better’, Int. Women Art Exhibition, Zee Arts, Dubai

2018:    ‘Press for Progress’, Int. Women Art Exhibition, Zee Arts, Dubai

2018:   ‘Seven Continent of Fashion’, Art exhibition, Cannes Film Festival, France

2018:   ‘International Art Sojourn’, Sri Sri University, Orissa, India

2016:   ‘Metamorphosis’, India Art Fair, Delhi India

2014:   ‘Solidarity with Nature; South Asian Perspective’, organized by SAARC Cultural Centre – Sri Lanka at Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh

2006:   ‘Nepal Bangladesh Youth Art Exhibition’, National Museum, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Selected Workshop Participation National

2018:   ‘Seduction of Print Making’, 10 days long workshop, Nepal Art Council, Babarmahal, Nepal

2013:   ‘Sacred Water’ 6 months long workshop with community women of Patan, Nepal

2013:   ‘16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence’: ‘Masculinities, Gender Identities and the Role of Men in Prevention and Elimination of Gender Based Violence’, organized by UNDP, NAFA, Nepal

2013:   ‘A Federal Life’- 3 days long workshop based on Federalism, Nagarkot, Nepal

2012:   ‘Under the Bodhi Tree’, 5 days long wrokshop based on Ecology and Conservation, organized by WWF Nepal

2011:   ‘Promoting trust between Man and Woman’, based on GBV (gender based violence) organized by BBC Sewa Nepal, Patan Museum, Nepal

2011:   ‘Buddhana’, 1 week workshop to support- Women with HIV Positive, Women Drug Users and Women in Prison, organized by FAITH, Nepal

2010:   ‘Glocalization of Art: Contemporary Art Practice’, Lasana, Nepal

2010:   ‘Serendipity Experimental Print Workshop’, Lasana, Nepal

2009:   ‘The Process to Move’, 2 days Int. Art Workshop, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Nepal

2009:   ‘Water and Art’, Int. Art Workshop, Yala Maya Kendra, Nepal


Selected Workshop Participation International

2019:   ‘Shanghai Int. Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition and Workshop’, Shanghai, China

2018:   ‘International Art Camp II’, Solo, Indonesia

2018:   ‘International Art Sojourn’, Orissa, India

2006:   ‘Changdong & Goyang Artists Workshop’ National Museum of Korea, Goyang Art Studio, Korea

2005:   ‘Nepal Bangladesh Youth Art Workshop’3 Days at Silpakala Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Art Works

Shifting Values
Structural Beauty II
Structural Beauty I
Structural Beauty III