Ishan Pariyar

Ishan likes to explore his ideas through social and environmental subjects in his artworks. Here it would be sound to say that he is one such artist, active from a decade in art depicting deeper layers of reality through his metaphors. His art, philosophic in nature, interacts with its audience from various levels.

Ishan likes to explore his ideas through social and environmental subjects in his artworks. Here it would be sound to say that he is one such artist, active from a decade in art depicting deeper layers of reality through his metaphors. His art, philosophic in nature, interacts with its audience from various levels. His way of creatively conceptualizing his subject matter is by amalgamating his experience with the borrowed philosophies such as religion and social norms. He paints social angst and voices human restlessness: however, his desired goal through all this is bliss which is evident through the soothing and balanced color schemes that he utilizes. He incorporates bitter melon as the background texture to convey the idea of social imbalance. About his painting, presently the metaphor that visits his canvas frequently other than bitter melon is a boat. Here boat suggests a journey, a solitude one and the water where the boat floats have a texture of bitter melon. However, if one endures, it is all worth a while is his message. The additional images he incorporates are sculptures of deities and portions of human which suggest faith and hope that is in the process of completion. With all his metaphors and suggestions in his canvas, he narrates stories of human beings, their dreams, illusions, imaginations, and realities.


Artists’ Society of Nepal, Kathmandu

Creative Artists’ Group, Pokhara

Spectrum, Kathmandu



2013   – Masters of Fine Arts (Painting), Central Department of Fine Arts, Tribhuvan University,

2011   – Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting), Lalit Kala Campus, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu

2008   – Intermediate of Fine Arts (Painting), Lalit Kala Campus, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu

2006   – Bachelor of Arts (English), Janapriya Multiple Campus, Simalchour, Pokhara

2003   – Intermediate of Arts, Kalika Multiple Campus, Kajipokhari, Pokhara

2000   – SLC (School Leaving Certificate), Shree Siddha Secondary School, Phalepatan, Pokhara

1995   – Primary level from Shree Janaki Primary School, Mahatgauda-17, Pokhara



2019   – ‘Reminiscences’ Siddhartha Art Gallery, Babermahal , Kathmandu, Nepal

2018   –  ‘Ethos of Surrounding’ GG Machaan, Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal

2013   – ‘Better than Bitter’, Patan Museum, Lalitpur, Nepal

2006   – ‘Color of Experience’, PSM Art Gallery, Pokhara, Nepal

2006   – Space Cell Gallery, Seoul, Korea



2014   – AIR_MCUBE Local Artist in Residency Program organized by Gallery MCUBE

2012   – Residency Art Program by Bindu space for artists’, Kupondol, Lalitpur



2016   – Honored by ‘National Fine Art Award’ by Nepal Academy of Fine Arts during National Fine Art Exhibition in Kathmandu at Nepal Art Council, Babar Mahal, Kathmandu

2016   – Honored by ‘Creative Young Artist Award, 2073’ by Creative Artists’ Group, Pokhara

2012   – Awarded in Eastern Region Art Exhibition by Camlin Limited at Birla Art Academy, Kolkata, India

2011   – ‘Sita Shree Pant Talent Award’ by Pant Memorial Academy, Kathmandu

2011   – Third Position ‘My blood your life’ by Red Cross Society, Kathmandu

2009   – ‘Prasanta Memorial Scholarship talent Award’ by Prashanta Memorial Society, Kathmandu

2009   – First, Lalitkala Award by NFSU, Lalitkala Campus, Kathmandu

2009   – Third Position in Poster competition by Nepal Red Cross, Kathmandu

2008   – First Prize ‘Climate Change’ National Level Open Art competition, Eurasia Reiyukai, Kathmandu

2008   – First, Open Art Competition, Creative Youth Society, Kathmandu

2008   – Consolation Prize, Mt. Everest Day, ANFSU, Lalitkala Campus

2008   – First Prize in Water Caravan, Peace on the Move, by Guthi and USAID Nepal

2008   – Best Prize, Eurasia Reiyukai, Kathmandu

2007   – First Prize in Valley-wide Inter College Art Competition, Lalit Kala Campus, Kathmandu

2007   – First Prize in Lalitkala Art Week, Lalitkala Campus, Kathmandu

2007   – First Prize in International Marathon Open Watercolor Painting Competition, Lalitpur

2005   – Admiration Prize in Western Regional Art Exhibition by Royal Nepal Academy, Nepal Association of Fine Arts (NAFA) and Creative Artists Group, Pokhara

2005   – Consolation Prize in the Valley-wide Art Competition,Nepal Mountaineering Association, Pokhara

2004   – Putali Sai Memorial Award, Janapriye Multiple Campus, Pokhara

1998   – First Prize, District level Art Competition organized by Pragatitishil Rastriye Yuwa Sangh, Pokhara

1998   – Consolation Prize in District Level Card Making Competition by Red Cross

1997   – Third Prize, District level Art Competition organized by Nepal Red Cross Society



2020   – Art Without Borders – Part 4 organized by woman for woman at Nepal Art Council

2020   – Love a Fair – Gallery of Creative’s at Keshar Mahal, Thamel, Kathmandu

2020   – ‘Affinity’ duet Art Exhibition by Ishan Pariyar & Sabita Dangol at Nepal Art Council

2020-2011  – National Exhibition of Fine Arts by Nepal Academy of Fine Art at Nepal Art Council

2019  –  ‘Expression of Colors-2019’, 43 Art Gallery, Yangoon,  Myanmar2019 – Space for

Freedom and Equality, US Embassy Library, Kathmandu

2019   – ‘A Space for Freedom & Equality’, American Center Kathmandu, American Embassy

2019   – Himalayan Art Festival, E-Arts Nepal at Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu

2019   – ‘Art for Nature’ 4th International Art workshop & Exhibition by WWF, RFWV & Art Club at Kathmandu

2018   – China -South Asia Art Exchange Exhibition, Kunming, China

2018   – ‘Amalgam’ at Siddhartha Art Gallery, Babermahal, Kathmandu

2018   – Himalayan Art Festival, E- Arts Nepal at Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu

2018   – ’18th Asian Art Biennale’ at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh

2018   – Nepali Magic, featuring Art & Impressions from Kathmandu and Himalayas, Virginia, USA

2018   – ‘Breaking the Silence: Ending Impunity’ by Story Kitchen at Himalayan Hotel, Lalitpur

2017   – Gallery opening exhibition, LA GALLERY, Boudha, Kathmandu

2017   – ‘An Odyssey of Art’ by Spectrum at Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu

2017   – ‘Sublime Conjugation’ duet Show at Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu

2016   – ‘International Watercolor Festival’ International Watercolor Society, at Nepal Art Council,

2016   – ‘Silence’ group art exhibition organized by Nepal Europe Art Center, Sanepa, Kathmandu

2016   – ‘Imago Mundi Nepal Collection’ exhibition at Taragaon Museum, Boudha, Kathmandu

2016   – ‘The-Lit: Exclusion Within’ Nexus Culture Nepal

2016   – ‘Art for Nature’Relief fund for Wildlife Victims RFWV & Eba, Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu

2015   – MFA ‘69 Batch Group Art Exhibition, Art Council, Kathmandu

2015-14-13   – “7/8/9th Park art Fair” by Park Gallery, Pulchowk, Lalitpur

2014   – ‘Shraddhanjali’ Asia Level Art Show, by Artist Association of Orissa, India

2014   – Snow Leopard Conservation art exhibition, Annapurna Conservation Area Project, Pokhara

2014   – ‘Monsoon’ Painting exhibition organized by creative Artists’ Group at Pokhara Art Gallery

2014   – ‘Unity in Diversity’ group art exhibition by Spectrum at Pokhara Art Gallery, Pokhara

2014   – ‘Nepali Watercolour Painting’ by Nepal Academy of Fine Arts

2013   – 6th ‘Incubarte International Art Festival’, Valencia, Spain

2013   – A Federal Life, Exhibition by UNDP and Kathmandu University at Yala Maya Kendra

2013   – ‘Return to Nature’ an art excursion and exhibition by Park Art Gallery, Nepal

2012   – ‘Portrait to self-portrait’ by Antonia Nodar organized by Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Center

2011   – 8th Annual Art Exhibition by Spectrum, Art Council, Kathmandu

2010   – Gaijatra cartoon exhibition, PSM Art Gallery, Pokhara

2010   – Painting workshop and exhibition, Lalitkala Manch, Kathmandu, Nepal

2009   – ‘Spring Celebration’, PSM Art Gallery, Pokhara

2009   – Sambahak, group art exhibition by Nepal Lalitkala Manch, Butwal

2008   – Home Coming Exhibition, Family Academia Korea at Art Council, Kathmandu

2008   – Festivals and Heritage of Nepal by Lions’ Club, Lalitpuru

2008   – ‘Lalit Kala Art Week’ Lalit Kala campus, Kathmandu

2007   – Contemporary Art exhibition, NAFA, Kathmandu

2007   – Lalitkala Festival in Lalitkala campus, Kathmandu

2006   – National Art and Craft exhibition, Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, Kathmandu

2004   – Creative Artists` group, PSM Art Gallery, Pokhara

2003   – Creative Artists` Group, PSM Art Gallery, Pokhara

2002   – Pokhreli Yuwa Saskritik Pariwar and Yuwa Boudhha Sangh, Pokhara



2019   – ‘International Mountain Day’ by Mountaineering Association Nepal, Nagbahal, Kathmandu

2019   – ‘Art for Nature’ 4th International Workshop at Parsha National Park by WWF & RFWV

2018   – River Crusie Art workshop by 18th Asian Art Biennale, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka

2018   – ‘Tista Kagada Ekikaran’ Workshop organized by Nepal Kala Mandal at Chandragiri, Kathmandu

2017    – Workshop on World Environment Day at Central Zoo, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur

2017   – Performance Art Workshop ‘SPACE,+ BODY AS A MATERIAL’ by TONY SCHWENSEN, Kolkata, India

2016   – ‘Experiment in Watercolor’, International Watercolor Society Nepal

2016   – ‘Art for Nature’ Relief fund for Wildlife Victims RFWV & Eba at Kaski

2015   – ‘Art workshop in Music’ organized by Spectrum at Borderland Resort, Sindhupalchok

2014   – Snow Leopard Conservation Art Tour by Annapurna Conservation Area Project, Jomsom,

2013   – Feminine Force, performance art workshop by Action Aid, Lasanaa and Ashmita Nepal

2013   – ‘Reflection of Lumbini’ workshop and exhibition organized by Ostrich Nepal, Lumbini

2013   – Conservation Art Tour 2070 by National Trust for Nature Conservation (ACAP), Kaski

2013   – ‘NCELL Kaala Jatra’ Paper mache mask making workshop Kathmandu Contemporary Art Center &NCELL

2012   – ‘Free the Life within you’ workshop by KCAC AIR Ted Barr at Kathmandu Contemporary Art Center

2012   – CRACK International Art Camp at Kustia, Bangladesh

2012   – National workshop on building artists’ network in Nepal by Lasanaa, Kathmandu

2012   – ‘Techne’ kala’: enriching art practices through research by Lasanaa, Kathmandu

2012   – ‘Art for Public’ a road painting show by young artists of Pokhara, Pokhara

2010   – ‘Art for Public’ a movement by young artists, Lakeside, Pokhara

2010   – ‘Sadhbhab’, an art workshop by Nepal Academy of Fine Art (NAFA), Kathmandu

2009   – ‘Baadal’ painting workshop by Zero Century Nepal

2009   – Children’s illustration in Nepal, Denis Writers Association, Children’s Literature society & Room to Read,

2008   – Development of children literature and illustration in Nepal, by Denis Writer’s Association, Children’s

Literature Societ and Room to Read, Nagarkot

2008   – Collaborative art workshop and research, Bindu, Kathmandu

2007   – Running with cameras’, video-art workshop by Sutra, at Pokhara

2007   – Commercial Artists Association and Champapur Jaycees at Champapur festival

2005   – Creative Artists` Group, Pokhara

2004   – Armala  Bikash Manch, Pokhara

2002   – Organized by Pokhreli Yuwa Saskritik Pariwar and Yuwa Boudhha Sangh



2018   – Himalayan Art Festival, organized by E- Arts Nepal

2018   – Kathmandu Art Fair, Organized by Bindu space for artists & Lalitkala Munch

2018   – Expression Expedition 2018, Organized by Luan Poets

2017   – Kolkata International Performance Arts Festival, Kolkata, India

2016   – Kathmandu International Performance Art Festival, Bindu space for artists’, Kathmandu

2015   – 18th Nippon International Performance Art Festival (NIPAF) Tokyo, Osaka & Nagano, Japan

2015   – ’Time’ performance art at Taragaon Museum, by Bindu, space for artists

2014   – ’10 Minutes’ performance art at Taragaon Museum, by Bindu, space for artists

2014   – ‘Ethos of Surrounding” at AIR_MCUBE Open House Exhibition at Gallery MCUBE

2014   – International Live Performance Art by Bindu, space for artists, Kathmandu

2014   – Kolkata International Performance Arts Festival, at Studio21, Kolkata, India

Art Works

The World of Existence I
The World of Existence II
No stories to tell