Pradip K Bajracharya

Pradip has explored Newar culture and festivals. One can hear the melodious chants and beat of the drums just looking at his works. The presentation of religio-cultural rituals around pagoda architecture is really interesting. The sweeping lines in the background suggest the rhythm of the cultural performance. The swirling and moving in street carnival capture the essence of festival mood. To the hard working folks, the carnivals have healing effects.

Pradip has explored Newar culture and festivals. One can hear the melodious beat of the drums just looking at his works. Pradip’s paintings speak of festivals not only through the images and sketches but also with colours. As soon as the word ‘festival’ comes in our mind, the bright colours come along. Thus his works are full of variegated colours. Not only the content connotes the meaning but also form. He paints ethnic people with cultural characters. Sometimes, the figures appear as an illusionary group of people. The contents like music and dance are coherent with the form of rhythmic and sweeping gestures of colours. He also renders some aspects of their daily life.

After his stay in the USA for a certain duration, he was inspired by the tranquility of the ocean there. It aspires him to paint the calmness of the ocean on the canvas. The variation of blue colours illustrates the realistic representation of the ocean. The view from the coastline is illustrated in the painting. The waves hitting the rocks and the sunset view of the ocean are beautifully expressed in the painting. Pradip has done an exhibition on “The Blue Wave Ocean”. His visit to San Francisco also inspired him to express his inner feeling into the canvas. The mesmerizing view of downtown, the spectacular bay areas, and the vivid houseboats are portrayed in the painting. The blue, white, orange and golden colours showcase the movement of the ocean and the sunset.

Pradip’s “The Blue Ocean Wave Series” is vastly different from his previous work. Not only the concepts but also the usage of the colours are also different. However, the essence of his work can still be found.

Date of Birth 23 June 1971 



Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts Campus, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal, 1997

School Leaving Certificate from Paropakar Adarsha High School, Kathmandu, Nepal


Solo Exhibition

2003 : “Festive Images” Siddhartha Art Gallery, Baber Mahal Revisited, Kathmandu

2004 : “Festive Moods” Buddha Gallery, Thamel, Kathmandu

2007 : “Heritaze Panorama” Park Gallery, Patan

2008 : “Impressions of San Francisco” The Art Shop, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu


Exhibitions in Nepal

2009 : Separating Myth from Reality, Status of Women, an International Art Exhibition, Siddhartha Art Gallery

2009 : 15th Anniversary Show Art Exhibition at Siddhartha Art Gallery

2009 : International Women’s Day Art Exhibition, Hotel Annapurna

2009 Art Festival Painting Exhibition at Butwal

2008 : “Bagmati on Canvas” by Friends of Bagmati, NAFA Gallery

2007 : “Moods & Mazza” Photo and Painting Exhibition on Nepalese Festivals at Gallery 32 Dent Inn, Kathmandu

2007 : Amalgam, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu

2007 : Group Show “Sangalo” Organized By Nepal Lalitkala Manch

2007 : Kasthamandap Group Show, GTZ

2006 : Kasthamandap Group Show, The Art Shop, Durbar Marg

2006 : Kasthamandap Autumn Show, Kiran Bhawan, Sanepa

2006 : Wearable Art Show at Kiran Bhawan

2006 : Khulla Dhoka, Doors Paintings, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Baber Mahal Revisited

2005 : Anniversary Art Exhibition at Buddha Gallery, Thamel

2004 : Kasthamandap Group Show at Gallery Moksh

2002 : Four Men Show at Sirjana Contemporary Art Gallery

2002 : “Kala Upaban” Exhibition Organized By NAFA

2002 : “Children Without Art” Organized By Jasutara Art Foundation

2001 : “Kala Upaban” Exhibition Organized By NAFA

2001 : Kasthamandap Group Show at J Art Gallery

2001 : 31th National Art Exhibition, NAFA

2000 : Prashanta Smriti Workshop, NAFA

1999 : Rangalal Bangdel Smriti Art Exhibition, Nepal Art Council

1999 : Four Men Show at Siddhartha Art Exhibition

1999 : 29th National Art Exhibition, NAFA

1999 : 28th National Art Exhibition, NAFA

1998 : 27th National Art Exhibition, NAFA

1997 : 27th National Art Exhibition, NAFA

1996 : 26th National Art Exhibition, NAFA

1994 : X-Max Collection, Srijana Art Gallery

1994 : Vision 51-Art Exhibition, Fine Arts Campus

1994 : Group 37-Art Exhibition, Nepal Art Council

1992 : T.U. Day Art Exhibition, Fine Arts Campus


Exhibitions in abroad

2009 Colour of Impression at Radision Hotel, Dhaka, Bangladesh

2009 Harmony, Kasthamandap Group Show at Reflection Art Gallery, Indore, India

2008 : Living Canvas Show at YDF Hall, Thimphu, Bhutan

2008 : “Breaking Boundaries” Painting Exhibition at Druk Hotel, Thimphu, Bhutan

2007 : “Living Canvas” Galle Face Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2007 : “Peace of Mind” Gandhara, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2007 : Kasthamandap Group Show, 25 Gallery, San Francisco, America

2007 : Kasthamandap Group Show, Som Art Culture Centre, San Francisco, America

2006 : Nepali Contemporary Art Exhibition at Alpha Gallery, Korea

2006 : Kasthamandap Art Group Show, India Habitat Center, Holland

2005 : Art Exhibition Organized By Camlin Art Foundation, Kolkota, India

2005 : Nepal Art Show, Nogaya, Japan

2005 : Kasthamandap Group Show, Den Blank, Belgium

2005 : Nepal Art Show, Nagaya, Japan

2005 : Kasthamandap Group Show, Den Blank, Belgium

2005 : Kasthamandap Group Show, Galerie De Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2002 : Art Exhibition Organized By Camlin Art Foundation, Kolkota, India



2008 : “Peace of Mind” Painting Workshop Galle Face Hotel, Colombo, Sirlanka

2008 : ”Bagmati on Canvas” by Friends of Bagmati, Kathmandu

  1. : “Breaking Boundaries” Painting Workshop, Thimphu, Bhutan

2007 : Painting Workshop and Exhibition Based On Drama “Etihansko Banki Prista”

2006 : Khulla Dhoka, Siddhartha Art Gallery

2006 : Art Workshop at Anandakuti, Swoyambhu

2006 : In Memory of Legend Artist R.N. Joshi, Park Gallery, Lalitpur

2006 : “Inspired Expression” Art Workshop, Park Gallery

2006 : “Loktantra” Workshop at Kathmandu

2004 : Poetric Expressions Art Workshop at Godawari

2004 : Numafung Art Workshop, Kathmandu

2004 : Meditation Art Workshop at Osho Tapoban

2003 : Coxing The Nature Organized By Sutra at Osho Tapoban

2002 : Workshop Organized By Nafa-Kala Upaban

2002 : “Bichalit Bartaman” Painting Workshop and Exhibition, Bashantapur

2002 : “Kala Upaban” Workshop Organized By Nafa

2002 : “Kala Karyashala” Organized by Lalit Kala Sangam, Biratnagar

2001 : Workshop Organized by Voice of The Youth

2000 : Prashanta Smriti Workshop, Nafa

1991 : Joint Visual Communication Workshop, Unicef



2005 : 1st Prize, Camlin Art Foundation, Kolkota, India

2005 : Best Field Work – 2D Animation in “The Demo Reel 2005” Organized by Pentasys Technologies

2002 : 2nd Prize, National Art and Craft Exhibition, NAFA

1994 : Collection Prize, Cartoon Competition Organized by Hasne

1992 : 2nd Prize, Poster Competition by Drug Abuse Prevention Association of Nepal, Dapan

1990 : 3rd Prize, “Clean City Camping” Poster Competition by Solid Waste Management, Gtz



Nepal, Kenya, Japan, Belgium, France, Korea, India, Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Holland, Nepalese Embassy to USA


Founder Member

Kasthmandap Artist Group, Lalitpur, Nepal




Young Artist Group

Nepal Association of Fine Arts

Artist Society of Nepal


Visit : USA, India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Indonesia

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