Prithvi Shrestha

Prithvi Shrestha’s works render his own daily experiences, and objects, events and people of his own surrounding. Women filling up the pitcher, old men and women resting at varanda, monks, saints and devotees visiting religious shrines and temples, and worshipping and praying, young women harvesting the grains are the recurrent subject matters of his paintings. Thin body and tattered clothes of some character suggest their hard work and poverty.

Prithvi Shrestha is a visual artist based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has shown five solo shows. He has received several awards for his outstanding performance in art among International Comic Strip, Bangkok 2001, The World Bank South Asia Region and the World Bank Art Program USA 2012, Araniko Youth Award 2017 and Himalayan Light Art Scholarship 2017.

He has participated in several artist workshop, artist residency and exhibitions in homeland as well as in America, Dubai, Bangladesh, China, India, Germany, Finland, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Iran, Slovakia and Chile. He has also participated in artist residency at Coaxing the Nature 2003 and Uttistha, 2005 organized by Sutra Art Center, residencies in Britto Art Trust 2012, and Porapara a space for artists 2008 in Bangladesh. He has participated in the 13th and 15th Asian Art Biennale at Bangladesh. He has participant in the 17th NIPAF Asia Performance Art Series 2014 Japan, NIPPON International Performance Art Festival 2017 Japan, Kathmandu Triennial 2017, International Performance Arts Festival 2017 Kunming, China, Himalayan Art Festival 2018, Thailand Nepal Art Exhibition 2018, Andaman Art Museum, Krabi, Thailand and 4th Kunming Art Biennale, Yunnan Art Museum, Kunming, China 2018, 10th anniversary of  PAN Asia Seoul, Korea 2019  and Now |There exhibition at the Latitude 28 Gallery, India. In 2020, 4th International Festival of Homar, Iran 2020, Transart Communication 2020 Conference, Slovakia 2021 and 1st International Triennial Performance Deformes Santiago, Chile 2021.

He is Founder of Bindu space for artists. He has coordinated various National and International art events.

Son of Ganesh Bahadur Shrestha & Late Santa Shrestha

Academic Qualification : B.F.A (Fine Arts Campus, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu)

Solo Exhibition

1994 – “Dristi 1” Viswo Niketan higher secondary school, Tripureshwor

1998 – “Dristi 2” Nepal Art Council Gallery, Babarmahal, Kathmandu

2007- “Visible Lines” The Art Shop, Durbarmarga, Kathmandu

Group Exhibition

1995- “Group 12” Nepal Art Council Gallery, Babarmahal, Kathmandu

1995- Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan

1995- Fukuoka, Japan

1996- Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan

1996- Fukuoka, Japan

1996- 27th National Art Exhibition Of Art And Craft, (NAFA)

1997- Dipendra City Hall, Pokhara

1997- Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan

1997- 28th National Art Exhibition Of Art And Craft, (NAFA)

1998- Art Fair ’98, Fine Arts Campus

1998- Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan

1999- Ranglal Bangdel Smriti Art Exhibition, Nepal Art Council Gallery

2000- Lumbini Art Tour (NAFA)

2001- Kaze Gallery, Fukuoka (Japan) Two Man Show

2002- Phenomena of Creation, Darjeeling (India)

2003- 33th National Exhibition of Art and Craft (NAFA)

2003- Joint art exhibition (Sikkim-Nepal) White memorial hall, Gangtok Sikkim, (India)

2004- 34th National Art Exhibition of Art and Craft, (NAFA)

2004- Art tour and exhibition, Kolkata, Camlin Limited (India)

2006- 36th National Art Exhibition of Art and Craft (NAFA)

2006- Art for awareness (NACG)

2007- Dubai, UAE JOB FAIR -2007 (DUBAI UAE)

2008- World Festival 2008 Kathmandu (NAFA)

2008- South Asian Exhibition Organized By SUTRA , Nepal Art Council Gallery

2008- Out Come Exhibition Org by Britto Art Trust and Porapara Space for Artists,’ Theatre Institute Gallery, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

2008- 13th Asian Art Biennale 2008, Dhaka (Bangladesh)

2009- Kalakar Ko Aankhama Bhumi, LASANAA an alternative art space (NAFA)

2010 –“Root Periscope” Sattva Gallery, Kupondol, Kathmandu, Nepal.

2010 – “Yogdan” Fusion Gallery, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.


1991- 1st Prize (Gold Medal) – 11th World Food Day (Poster)

1992- 3rd Prize – Bal Bikash Samaj (Poster)

1992- Special Prize – CWIN (Painting)

1992- Special Prize – Goethe Institute (Poster)

1993- 1st Prize- World No- Smoking Day (Painting)

1993- 2nd Prize- Drug Abuse (Poster)

1994- 3rd Prize- The Reukai Nepal (Poster)

1995- Consolation Prize- Inter Campus Art Competition (Painting)

1996-3rd Prize- Inter Campus National Art Competition (Painting)

1997- Consolation Prize- Condom Day (Poster)

1998- 2nd Prize- National Safe Motherhood (Poster)

1999- Consolation Prize- Free poster competition, Fine Arts Campus (Poster)

1999- 1st Prize- Min. of population and environment and UNFPA (Poster)

2000- 1st Prize- National poster competition (CAR-NWG), (Poster)

2001- 1st Prize- National comic strip competition, Nepal Red Cross Society (Comic Strip)

2001- 1st Prize- Mahila Balbalika Tatha Samaj Kalyan Mantralaya (Poster)

2001- 3rd Prize- International Comic Strip Competition, Bangkok (Comic Strip)

Work Shop

1995- Special participate in one day collage workshop, Goethe Institute

2000- Mobile Art Workshop (NAFA)

2001- Painting workshop, (ASON)

2002- Painting workshop, Darjeeling India (ZCN)

2002- Painting work shop, Kala Upaban, (NAFA)

2003- Painting workshop, Gangtok Sikkim, ( India)

2003- “Coaxing the nature” Installation workshop, Sutra Art Center (Tapoban)

2004- Cast discrimination organized by Jagaran media centre

2005- “Uttistha” Installation workshop, Surta Art Center, Tapoban, (Kathmandu)

2007- Presentation in Ajantrik, Chittagong , (Bangladesh)

2008- Performance Art Event, BINDU, a space for artists,( Kathmandu)

2008- Performance Art in South Asian Exhibition, Gallery Kaya Org. by Britto Art Trust, (Bangladesh)

2008- International Artists’ Residency Program Org. by Britto Art Trust and Porapara Space for Artists’

Chittagong (Bangladesh)

2009- Kalakar Ko Aankhama Bhumi, LASANAA an alternative art space (NAFA)

2010 – “Yogdan” , Fusion Studio, Kathmandu, Nepal.

2010 – Academy of Fine Art, Kathmandu, Nepal.


2000- Member of National Organizing Committee

International Children’s Peace Mural Painting Exhibition


2007- Mural Painting Workshop with Disabilities Children

Save the Children Norway – Nepal


Founder member of Bindu

Young Artist Group (YAG)

Artists’ Society Of Nepal

Art Works

Colorful I
Colorful II