Sunil Sigdel

Sunil Sigdel’s paintings depict the synthesis of science and art, reason and imagination, and masculine and feminine energy. The science books of human anatomy inspired him to express the mystery …

Sunil Sigdel’s paintings depict the synthesis of science and art, reason and imagination, and masculine and feminine energy. The science books of human anatomy inspired him to express the mystery of his emotions in the form of art. He fuses the reason of science with the imagination of art. He associates feminine qualities with art and masculine qualities with science. Sunil Sigdel is convinced that there exists a feminine quality in every man. He is affected by the rational and irrational forces within the human subjects.

What is new and original about Sunil’s paintings, however, is his innovative and aesthetic superimposition of colours upon the rational black and white images of science; a juxtaposition that not only represented the binary division between male and female, science and art, logic and emotion, but also deconstructed such opposition simultaneously. His works depict that art shares some aspect of science. There is no watertight boundary between art and science, reason and imagination, and masculine and feminine experiences. He has flexibility of medium and interdisciplinary attitude, thus, he creates paintings on the pages of science book. This is his own experiment. He painted the human anatomy in black and white, for they are more dynamic and intensive.

Of course, he depicts misery, suffering, anguish and psychological trauma but there is the presence of hope in one corner. He reintegrates some of the images and decorative pattern of Mithila folk art. The images of cow, elephant and horse appear in modern forms. The enigmatic feature of his works is the melting of one image into another one as in dream and hallucination. Likewise, unusual images are juxtaposed with free association. Human head is attached with animal body suggesting the common elements and sharedness in both of them. On the other hand, adult humans are sucking the nipples of cow as the animal offspring.  It is impossible to trace the line where human body ends and animal’s begins and vice versa. The artist might be implying the animal instinct in human being and humanity in animals. It is the naturalistic perspective. Furthermore, it could be the existential crisis of modern man in the sense that as s/he can not adjust oneself in the complex modern world, metamorphosis of the human into animal could be the provisional solution. As we listen to our inner voice, we ourselves identify with animal now and again. The simplicity of folk art and the complexity of modernism are juxtaposed. He not only shares the motifs of folk art but also works in collaboration with Maithil folk artist in the same canvas. Such art works deconstruct the concept of authorship by the single artist. Such re-reading and reformulating the tradition is one of the features of postmodernism. The interconnection between various arts forms makes the work inter-textual pastiche.

Some of his works are philosophical. Those artworks seem to say that poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, oppression and inequality create darkness and anger. If such problems are not addressed on time, the darkness resurfaces in the society in one way or other and threatens to dismantle the whole society. As the essential element of human being is missing, the characters are transformed into disfigured and distorted harlequins.

Educational Background:

Bachelor in Fine Art (Painting), Fine Art College, Kathmandu, Nepal



2010:  Infiltration of Darkness, KCAC Gallery, Lalitpur, Nepal

2007:  Human Bonsai, Art Shop Gallery, Katmandu, Nepal

2004:  Science of Emotions, Gallery Nine, Katmandu, Nepal

2003:  Inactive Images, Nepal Association of Fine Art Gallery. Katmandu, Nepal

2002:  X-rays of Sentiments, Nepal Art Council Gallery, Katmandu, Nepal

2001:  View on Reality, Nepal Association of Fine Art Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal



2011:  ROSL Visual Arts scholarship, London & Hospital Field Art Center, Scotland, UK (ROSL)

2012: Cross Border Constellation 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2010:  International Artist workshop, Colombo, Sri Lanka (Theertha)

2010:  India – Nepal Collaborative Residency, (Khoj at Ishanthiroad) Bangalore, India

2008:  Porapara Art Residency, Porapara space for artist, Bangladesh

2008:  Little moment in town, Performance art event (Bindu) Kathmandu, Nepal

2007:  International Human Rights Workshop, Green Island, Taiwan

2007:  Running with Camera, Video art workshop, Pokhara, Nepal (Sutra)

2006:  Collaboration with Mithila art workshop, Janakpur, Nepal (Bindu)

2006:  International Artist Residency, Bangladesh (Britto)

2006:  Sutra International Artists’ Residency 2006, Nepal (Sutra)

2006:  Local art workshop, Pokhara, Nepal (Sutra)

2005:  South Asian Art Residency 2005, Karachi, Pakistan (VASL)

2005:  Uttistha  Art Workshop, Tapoban (Sutra) Nepal

2004:  NugaMikha International Art Workshop, Bhaktapur, Nepal (Sutra)

2004:  Coaxing the Nature, Tapoban (Sutra) Nepal

2002:  Phenomena of Creation, Darjeeling India, (Zero Century Nepal)



2013: Sovereign Asian Art prize 2012-13, Hong Kong & Seoul, Korea

2012: 2nd Kathmandu International Art Festival, Kathmandu (Siddhartha Art Foundation)

2012: Cross the Border Constellation 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2012: ROSL Annual Scholars Exhibition 2012, Gallery @oxo, London, UK

2010:  “Propagation” Korea – Nepal Art show, (Siddhartha Art Gallery) Kathmandu

2010:  Focus on Asia (LO/FTF council) “Brondsalen” Copenhagen, Denmark

2009:  “Separating Myth from Reality” International art festival, Nepal

2008:  “KhullaDhoka in London” Royal Overseas League, London, UK (KCAC)

2008:  Collaboration with Mithila art. Free State Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark

2008:  “Off The Beaten Path” South Asian Exhibition, Drik Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh (Britto)

2007:  Collaboration with Mithila art, Kaya Art Gallery, Bangladesh (Bindu)

2007:  Collaboration with Mithila art, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Nepal (Bindu)

2006:  Focus on South Asia, Copenhagen, Denmark (LO/FTF Council)

2006:  Group art exhibition, Dots Contemporary Art Center,  Dhaka, Bangladesh (Britto)

2006:  Metamorphoses, Three Men Show (Siddhartha Art Gallery)

2005:  Group art exhibition, B.M Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan (VASL)

1997-2005:  National Art &Craft Exhibition, (National Association of Fine Arts ) Kathmandu

2003:  Sikkim-Nepal Joint Art Exhibition, White Memorial Hall Sikkim, India (ZCN)

2002:  Arrays of Echo, Darjeeling, India (Zero Century Nepal)

1999: Grand Nepali art Exhibition, Nepal Art Council Gallery, Kathmandu (NAC)



2012: Finalist of Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2012

2011: ROSL Annual Scholarship Award 2011, London, UK

2007: Creative Young Artist Award 2007, Pokhara, Nepal

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