Sunila Bajracharya

Sunila’s female figures seem to be introvert, meditative and brooding. They appear to be dignified in their pensive mood. The figures have been able to create their personal imaginative world …

Sunila’s female figures seem to be introvert, meditative and brooding. They appear to be dignified in their pensive mood. The figures have been able to create their personal imaginative world where they rule supreme. Despite being introvert there is no touch of melancholy and loneliness. The bright red tika, ornaments rhythmic hair and the facial expressions also suggest this. The presence of huddled women companions suggests the artist’s sense of sisterhood among females. The eyes of the viewers never stumble on her canvas due to the harmony of colours and the wave-like flow and rhythm.

In her works, women are represented in a number roles such as mother, daughter, lover and so on. She attempts to delineate soft and delicate dimension of women. Her female figures are never militant and revolting. They assimilate themselves in the rhythm of ordinary life like lying in the bed, gossiping with friends, walking in the road, thinking over the problems, struggling with daily problems, peering the world from the receding corner. As the figures are concerned with delicate sentiments, the soft and mild colours contribute to the subject matter. The use of thick colour gives the feeling of exquisite texture. Half visible and half concealed body makes the compositions more fascinating and charming and allows the viewers to make the complete picture in their imagination.

The most striking characteristics of her works are the effective use of medium and the subtle treatment of the subject matter. She makes her women characters expressive by emphasizing the articulate features of their countenances. In some works, a single face dominates the entire canvas. Another remarkable feature of Sunila’s works is her confident use of distinct contour. This style suggests that she wants to say something significant explicitly. She asserts the world her existence in subtle manner.

Some of her compositions reformulate and recycle the contents of Hindu and Buddhist myths. The religious images, icons and symbols, and mythical character reappear in modern forms. Tantric Buddhism also plays vital role to shape her images and structure her canvas. She constructs the solid figures with substantial cubes including triangles, squares, circles and cylinders. Even the anthropomorphic figures appear to be the reconstructed architecture. By breaking the leaner surface of the objects, she suggests the depth or the fourth dimension. Another striking feature of her works is the rhythm even in the images and figures not only in colours and lines. The human characters seem to be in coherent movement.

Date of Birth : 1973  – Lalitpur, Nepal  

Education : 1999 – Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts

Fine Arts Campus, Kathmandu, Nepal


Solo Exhibitions :

2010 : “Untitled”, Art Works Downtown, USA

2010 : “Essentially Female”, Gallery Arrivederci, USA

2009 :  “Wisdom”, Gallery  Arrivederci, USA

2007: “Mother Nature” Gallery without wall, International Museum of Women, USA

2007 : “Wisdom “ San Geronimo Valley Gallery, USA

2005 : Lazimpat Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal

2002 : Sirjana Contemporary Art Gallery, Nepal


Group Exhibiton USA and Aboard :

2010 : Marin County Fine Arts and Crafts National Juried Exhibition, CA

2010 : Fairfax eco fest painting exhibition, CA

2010 : Pine up show, College of marin, CA

2010:  Juried show, Elsewhere Galley

2010: Kasthamandap Group Show, Cafe Arora, CA

2008-2010 : 18th-20th  Anuual Spring Art show, San Geronimo, CA

2005-2010 :  7th-12th Internationale Kunstausstellung, modernart & artmedicine, German

2008 : Kasthamandap Group Show, Belgium

2008 : Living Canvas “The Gallery without Walls”-Thimphu, Bhutan

2007 : Reflection & Reality II, SomArts Bay Gallery, USA

2007 : Reflection & Reality III, Gallerie 25, USA

2007 : Living Canvas – 2007, Galle Face Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2007 : Open Art Studio-2007, Palo Alto Studio, Palo Alto, USA

2007 : Kasthamandap Group Show, Gandhara Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2007 : Living Canvas, The gallery without walls, Galle Face Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2007 : “Imagine” Marin Art and Garden Center, USA


Group Exhibitions in Nepal :

2009 : 15th anniversary Kasthmandap Arts Group Show, Nepal

2006 : Khulla Dhoka, Siddhartha Art Gallery

2006 : Loktantra, exhibition at NAFA

2006 : In memory of “IBSEN” Exhibition, Kathmandu

2006: Wearable Art Show Kiran Bhawan & Garden of Dreams, Nepal

2006 : Kasthamandap Art group Show at Chautara Art Gallery, Holland

2006 : Kasthamandap Group Show, The Art Shop, Durbar Marg

2006 : Kasthamandap Group Show, GTZ Office, Sanepa

2006 : 7 Young Artist from Kathmandu, CHAUTARA gallery, Holland

2005 : Anniversary Art Exhibition at Buddha Gallery

2005 : Kasthamandap Group Show, Den Blank, Belgium

2005 : Kasthamandap Group Show, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2005 : Reflection of Reality, New Delhi, India

2004 : Contemporary Women Artists in Nepal at NAFA

2004 : Kasthamandap Group Show at Buddha Gallery

2004 : Kasthamandap Group Show at Gallery Moksh

2003 : 5th International Art Exhibition Gallery Dikmayer, Berlin, German

2003 : Kasthamandap Group Show at Lazimpat Gallery Cafe

2003-2006 : Camlin Art Competition, Organised by Camlin Art Foundation, India

2002 : 10th asia Biennale, Bangladesh 2002

2002 : “Children without art”, Jasutara Art Foundation

2002 : Three women show, Lazimpat Gallery Cafe

2001 : Kasthamandap Group Show at J Art Gallery

2000 : Two men show, J Art Gallery

1999 : Rangalal Bangdel Smriti Art Exhibition, Nepal Art Council

1998 : Four Men Show at C.S.I. Gallery

1996 -2005 : National Art Exhibition, NAFA

1994 : X-mas Collection, Srijana Art Gallery

1994 : Group 37 Art Exhibition, Nepal Art Council

1994 : Vision 51 Art Exhibition, Fine Art Campus

1993 : Relief Disaster, Sirijana Contempoary Art Gallery

1992 : T.U Day Art Exhibition, Fine Arts Campus



Workshops :

2006 : Khulla Dhoka, Siddhartha Art Gallery

2006 : In memory of IBSEN workshop at Residency of Norwegian Ambassador

2006 : Loktantra, Workshop at Kathmandu

2006 : In Memory of Legend Artist R.N Joshi workshop at Lalitpur

2004 : “Numanfung “ workshop Organized by Numanfung Flim Unit

2004 : Meditation Art Workshop at Osho Tapoban

2003 : Women Art Workshop Organized by Nepal Kalakar Samaj

2002 : “Kala Karyashala” organized by Lalit Kala Sangam Biratnagar

2002 : “Kala Upban” workshop & exhibition organized by NAFA

2001 : Women Artist Spot Painting Workshop Organized by Rotary Club of Kathmandu

2001 : Field Workshop, Nepal Kalakar Samaj

2000 : Prashanta Smriti Workshop, NAFA

2000 : Workshop organized by Lion’s Club of Pashupati

1995 : Nepal Bangladesh Art Workshop & Exhibition

1993 : Collage painting workshop & exhibition, Alliance Francaise

1992 : Annimation Workshop, kathmandu, Nepal

1991 : Joint Visual Communication Work shop, Unicef


Collection : Korea, Ireland, France, Holland, Scotland, German, USA, Nepal


Founder Member :

Kasthamandap Art Studio, Nepal


Affiliations :

Marin Art Council, CA, USA

Marin Society of Artists, USA

Young Artist Group, Nepal

Nepal Association of Fine Arts, Nafa, Nepal

Artists’ Society of Nepal

Prashanta Memorial Society, Nepal

Art Works