Sushma Shakya

She did Bachelor in Fine Arts (Advanced Painting) from Kathmandu University, center for art and design and Master’s Degree in Business Administration T.U. Kathmandu. She has done 2 Solo Exhibitions- “Chaitya” at Siddhartha Art Gallery 2010 A.D., “Fragmented Memories” at Baryo Fiesta, Kathmandu 2007 A.D. She has done various collaborative works and group exhibitions, selected are “Sri Ganesh”, Nepal Art Council 2011 A.D., “Elapse”, Nepal Art Council 2011 A.D., Woodcut prints at Sarwanam Art Gallery Kathmandu 2013 A.D., “Exhibition of Prints” organized by NAFA in collaboration with Bindu, a space for artists 2013 A.D., National Art Exhibition organized by NAFA, MT. Everest-8848 ART Project I “Journey Towards Our Future” 2012 A.D., “Arts of Nepal” in USA 2012 A.D., “Serendipity” at Janalyn Hanson White Gallery USA 2012 A.D., “World Expo- 2010” Shanghai, China 2010 A.D., Atelier– 2 Group Show, Canada 2006 A.D., Exhibition by Nepali Artist at Nagoya, Japan 2005 A.D., “Paubha and Newari Cultural Art” at Patan Museum 1997 A.D. She has won various awards, selected are “Special Award on Contemporary Sculpture” 3rd National Exhibition of Fine Art org. by NAFA 2013 A.D., “Special Award on Woodcut” NAFA 2013 A.D., “The Himalayan Artist Award” 2009 A.D. She was selected in Marpha Artist in Residence Program 2013 A.D., “Artist in the City-Urbanization and Urban culture”, Social Science Baha 2011 A.D., One year residency program sponsored by Australian Himalayan Foundation, Nepal 2009/10 A.D. She was a part of Symposium MT. Everest-8848 ART Project I “Journey towards Our Future” organized by Da Mind Tree and The Act Club 2012 A.D. She has created a short video art Load Shedding in 2010 A.D. She is a skilled illustrator and has created book cover designs and illustrations for various publications and organizations. She has coordinated various workshops such as “Women’s Art Workshop– Woodcut Print” organized by NAFA 2013 A.D., “Serendipity” Experimental printmaking workshop, organized by Lasanaa and Sirjana   College of Fine Arts 2010 A.D., “Glocalization of Art: Contemporary Art Practices” organized by Lasanaa, 2010 A.D. etc. She has participated in numerous art workshops, selected are “Woodpecker” woodcut print making workshop Kathmandu 2013 A.D., “Ceramics Workshop” organized NAFA 2013 A.D.,  “Mechanism in Native Culture” printmaking workshop organized by NAFA 2012 A.D., “Interactive Art Through Social Media” organized by Space A and Art Nepal 2010 A.D., Based on the drama “The house with Mezzanine” by Russian writer Anton Chekhov organized by Russian Centre of Science and Culture jointly with Sathsath Theater 2009 A.D., “Early Childhood Development through the Arts” organized by Tashi Waldorf  School Nepal 2001 A.D. etc. She was a part of site specific installation art project led by French artist/photographer Georges Rousse at Bhaktapur and Panauti 2005 A.D.

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Journey to alleviate ignorance of people
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