Foraging for food
27.5 × 27.5cm

In my artwork, “Foraging for Food” I want to show the important connection between farming and the environment. I use symbols like frogs, cats, and mice to represent different aspects of this relationship. The frog represents the farmer, showing how they can work together with nature to keep pests under control. Farmers can use fewer harmful chemicals and protect the environment by letting frogs help with pest control. The cat stands for the people who make the rules about farming. They have a big impact on how farmers work and how nature is treated. We need wise decisions from them to support sustainable farming practices. The mouse represents the government. They need to be responsive and clever in dealing with environmental challenges. Like mice, they should find smart ways to protect nature and support farmers. My artwork asks everyone to work together. Let’s protect frogs and the balance they bring to farming. By caring for the environment, using sustainable practices, and making good decisions, we can create a future where farming and nature thrive together.