Buddha Circuit

Etching (Unique)
101 x 101 cm

This work is one from a series I call the Buddha Circuit. The work depicts different forms of the Buddha drawn from statues and archaeological finds found throughout Nepal and India. I have tried to incorporateBuddha from various locations within Asia such as Lumbini, Varanasi, and Kathmandu. The floral patterns used in the work are derived from the Ajanta caves in India. This work is an etching sized 40×60 inches. The work uses reds and greens to show the contrasts between the Sun and the Earth and how they can work together towards creating a state of peace and serenity. The work is scattered with depictions of animals and flora drawn within the greens to highlight this togetherness. The work is focused on such depictions from instances in his life. The centre of the work depicts The Buddha in his meditative state, behind this is him in the “Varad Mudra” which is a state of the Buddha in which he blesses. The left side of the work includes depictions of the Buddha receiving his son Rahul from Yas-hodhara after he returns to his palace to beg for donations. His son Rahul becomes the most precious thing that Yashodhara could grant the Buddha. On the right side of the work, the Buddha can be seen preaching to his first five students in Varanasi. He is in the Dharmachakra Pravartan Mudra with his hands against his chest. This gesture is one of teaching. Dharma means ‘law’ and Chakra means wheel and is usually interpreted as turning the wheel of law. The work also depicts the panacha buddhas in the lower central part of the work which showcases different abstract aspects of Buddhahood. They are seated in five positions of meditation. A depiction of the Buddha receiving a bowl of porridge from Sujata before his enlightenment is also shown on the right side of the work. The title of the work is Buddha with Prayer wheel as the prayer wheel which is present in the worship of the Buddha and the work collectively forms a prayer for him.