Kalpataru (wish fulfilling tree)

Lokta paper cut
79 x 114 cm

Kalpataru is the very first tree that came out of the ocean along with so many things while churning of nec-
tar according to the Vishnu Puran a Vedic book. It is believed that Kalpavriksha was a wish-fulfilling tree.

Along with a few other trees Peepal tree is also considered Kalpavriksha and is worshipped to date mostly
by Hindus and Buddhists. That must be the reason why Rishis and Munis used to meditate under the tree.
That’s why Siddhartha Gautam got Enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. It is so important to preserve trees
which are hundreds of years old. I feel so disheartened when I can’t make people understand the value of
trees in our lives. I couldn’t stop my tears and my body starts to ache whenever I see those generations of
older trees being chopped off only in the name of development.