Krishna Lila

Etching (Unique)
101 x 101 cm

Her prints give us a view of the imaginary sanctum sanatoria of Krishna. The recurring symbol of an open doorway allows you to enter and depart from these surreal dreamscapes. Time stands still here – as no human dwells in these haloed portals. Seema is adept at creating a landscape in which, a pantheon of heavenly beings, are surreptitiously caught in a mysterious twilight zone. The work Krishna Leela tells the story of Krishna and his life. The work depicts his birth in prison, his being saved by his father Vashudevafrom Kansa, his Srinath Ji Avatar, his drinking milk from a cow’s udder, his love for Radha, his carrying theGovardhan Hill to save his village and also refers to different settings from Mahabharata including characters like the Draupadhi.