Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 122 x 168 cm

Nature is considered beautiful as well as powerful. Nature has also provided us with food, shelter and clothes. Nature has not neglected any kind, it has treated everyone equally. But people show a lot of differences between rich and poor. This happened because of the person’s thinking. Because of our selfishness, because of technology and because of comfort and convenience, we have been spoiling this beautiful nature. If nature wants, it can destroy the existence of people in a moment. In front of nature, no matter how many great developments we make, nothing works. I have tried to show these in my painting titled Nature. In this painting, I have shown that Bhairav is controlling the turtle with his toenail. That turtle is an evolved artificial intelligence whose body has machines instead of bones and flesh which is a powerful man-made turtle. But no matter how powerful man-made turtle is. But no matter how powerful the machines are made by humans, I am trying to explain through my painting that nothing works in front of God.