Acrylic on Canvas
76 x 102 cm

Ohar refers to the means of travelling between the bride and groom in the Madhesi community. It is used

at different times. Behula is used during the bride’s wedding. The instrument used as the original mythology-ical cultural identity of the Madhesi community is almost disappearing in modern times. In the village society, those bulls have strong attractive bulls that were used in Ohara. This means that artistic beauty is given priority. It seems that the practice of giving a pair of oxen to eat dirty food and making it artistic by decorating it with colourful pithar vermilion fringed cloth and ghunghuru seems to have been going on since ancient times. This Ohara was ahead of the people’s means. In front of it, there used to be people playingRaithane instruments. Generally speaking, the historical, mythological, artistic and cultural heritage of our society is considered auspicious.