Acrylic on canvas
91 x 122 cm

This is my recent artwork which has personal narratives that engage with nostalgic images. These arenot just the temples and rich heritage sites for me these places are the one which always drags me to memory lane where as a child I have been roaming around with my parents listening to the mysterious myths about these temples, royal palaces, chowks, bahals, dabali, mask dances and many more. So now I feel a different aura at these places. So I try to express these feelings through my Artwork. Which may seem surreal. Chepu is one mythical creature which is said to be the guardian of our surroundings. I feel it lives somewhere beyond the clouds. Chepu’s myth always fascinates me. The wavy patterns on the roofs of temples and satals are the wave of mysterious thoughts I feel about the myths. At the same time, it could be the abstract forms of some mythical creature. The image and forms at satals are the abstract forms of my personal memories piled up about these places.