How to register for the online bidding of E-Arts Online Auction?

The buyers should fill in the registration form for auction. For this, please click on “Register”.

How can I view the artworks that are going to be auctioned?

All artworks to be auctioned have been exhibited on the E-Arts Auction page. You can click on the Auction tab on home page menu bar to have the information in detail

What is a reserve price?

A reserve price is the minimum price of the artwork that can be sold for in the auction. Each artwork has a reserve price that is confidential. Artworks will not be sold in auction when their price comes to be below reserve price.

What is estimated price?

The estimated price is the tentative selling price of the artwork when it is purchased from the gallery. This price assists the bidders to know the actual market value of the artwork that you are bidding.

How to bid an artwork?

When you have chosen the artwork which you would like to purchase, click on “My Bid” and enter the bid amount in the given space. Bid amount that you have entered should be higher than or equal to the “Next Bid” amount mentioned for respective artworks.

Can a bid be cancelled?

Once the auction of artworks has begun, the bids cannot be cancelled by the bidders. Nevertheless, E-Arts Nepal reserves the rights to cancel the bids at its own discretion.

What is the winning bid?

The winning bid is the highest bid at the end of the auction. When the given period of auction is over, no further bids can be made.

Winner bid’s name will be displayed on the auction page at the end of the auction.

How can I get an invoice for the purchase?

When you win a bid, you will be sent an invoice through an email after the close of the auction. The details given at the time of registration shall be used to prepare the invoice; after the sale, no changes will be accepted.

How do I make payment for the purchase?

The winning bidder should pay the full amount of the artwork within 24 hours of closing of auction. You have to make this payment through online or wire transfer through banks.

When will I get my artwork?

E-arts Nepal dispatches the painting within 3 days of receiving the payment of full amount. Buyers within Nepal shall get the artwork within 10 days and international buyers will receive the work within 15 days after the payment.

Is the buyer getting any documents along with the artwork?

The buyer will have an invoice from E-Arts Nepal and an authenticity certificate signed by the artist.

Is the artwork stretched or framed?

The paintings are not stretched or framed. We deliver them as a roll since unstretched and unframed artworks are safer to move.

If you want to have framed paintings, it requires an additional cost according to the size of the painting and the quality of a frame. This cost should be borne by the buyer. E-Arts Nepal will not take responsibility in case the artwork is damaged during the shipping and movement. Stretched and framed artworks can be damaged easily.

What happens when the highest bidder does not pay?

There is an enforceable contract of sale between the highest bidder of the artwork and E-Arts Nepal; both are legally bound by irrevocable offer to purchase the artwork. E-Arts Nepal has the right to begin a legal action in the court of law if the highest bidder does not pay the full amount within 72 hours from the closing of the auction. The bidding access of the individuals that fail to pay after winning the bid of a work will be unconditionally invalidated.

How to participate in the next auction?

You can bid for all upcoming auctions if you are a registered user of E-Arts Online Auction.

What about the charge of shipping?

Shipping is FREE within Nepal.

Shipping to the places outside Nepal is charged as per the ‘actual’ cost depending on the place.