Blossom of new Contemporary Art Gallery at Taragaon

Among the sophisticated buildings of Kathmandu valley, near to the world heritage site Bouddha an interesting energy can be sensed with a gathering of creative personalities. With a planned space surrounded by greenery and aesthetical environment. Composed of space and interesting architecture within gives us the rays of value of creative forms.

The space named as Taragaon Museum added a new hope for artists establishing Taragaon Contemporary art Gallery on 18th May, 2018 on the occasion of International Museum Day. Formal opening of the gallery was introduced to all the art lovers and artist with the performance by Sundar Lama. The wardrobe, ambience, and performance inclusion of poem with a theme of inner emotion was loved by the viewers. Then another performance by Saurganga Darshandhari triggers the emotion of struggle and the character to let free herself was powerful enough to make viewers concentrate. The last performance was by Sabita Dangol using props was also enthusiastic. She also vows to show the struggle and the situation of the present day.

The opening of new contemporary art gallery at Taragaon was new venture to promote the artist and a new venue to showcase the work. The Gallery will permanently display the works of selected established and upcoming Nepali artists. The gallery will also provide space for artists to use it as an Artist Studio, where artist will be able to work and display their art work for up to 4 weeks.

The gallery will also become the first paid gallery of its kind, where visitors must buy a ticket to see the exhibition. Ticket is Rs. 50 for Nepali and Rs. 100 for foreigners.

The contemporary Art Gallery at the Taragaon Museum is supported by the Saraf Foundation for Himalayan Traditions and Culture.


By Sagar Manandhar

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