Ceramics Sculpture Conservation

Ceramic includes all types of artworks made of fired clay, including porcelain, terracotta, earthenware and stoneware. Some ceramic sculptures are enameled, gilded, painted and glazed.

A. What cause damage?

The materials that are used to pack paintings for storage may affect the durability of the works. You are advised to use inert materials for packing because they do not deteriorate for longer period of time. Wrap the paintings on canvas in unbleached muslin instead of plastic, for such muslin allows the painting to breathe. While packing storing the art works, ensure that both physical damage and exposure to fluctuations of temperature and humidity are minimized.

B. Handling

  • You should handle ceramic as little as possible.
  • You are advised to use latex gloves while moving the ceramic. Do not use cotton gloves while handling the artworks, for they can easily slip and break. Do not use bare hands as the moisture, oil and acid in the hands can leave stains on the surface of the art works.
  • Transport ceramic in heavily padded containers

C. Cleaning

Use soft brush to clean the dust and dirt on ceramic objects. Do not use cotton, wool or cloth because it can catch on rough surfaces of the object leaving their fibers behind which may cause damage on the surface.