About Auction

E-Arts Online Auction

E-Arts Online Auction is an easy way to take part in online auctions of artworks across the world from your cellphone, tab, or personal computer. Through E-Arts Auction you can get access to the auction catalog of works in real time and you can bid on Nepalese artworks according to your choice.


1.  Login/Register

The first step to place bids on E-Arts Auction is to register to bid. Each sale of work has a separate registration on the auction’s dedicated catalogue of arts. If you have already registered with E-Arts Nepal before, make sure that you logged in, and click on “Register to Bid” for registration. While registering for online bid, look at the following steps for bidding process.


2. Start Bidding

When you have successfully submitted the registration form, you can begin bidding on the auction page of this site.


3. Browsing and Requesting Additional Information

If you see a catalog of artworks that you want to bid on, you can see more information by clicking the thumbnail on this page. For any additional questions, you can also see ‘FAQs’ below.


4. Winners of the Bids

The winners of online bids will have an email for confirmation on the date when the auction is closed. Then, E-Arts Nepal will directly inform you about the next steps shortly following the sale of the artworks.


5. Payment and Shipping of Artworks

Invoices for their purchases of artworks will be emailed to the successful bidders. When the bidders make the full payment for the purchase, the artwork along with the certificate shall be shipped to the given address.

For more information about online auction of the artworks, please write us at info@eartsnepal.com