Shashikala Tiwari


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Signed and Dated in English
Oil on canvas

Shashikala Tiwari’s mystical composition takes us to the spiritual world. The representation of Lord Ganesh is magical and strange due to the free association of figures along with displacement and condensation of images. Unusually big belly with elephant head is contrary combination with paradox for the general viewers but it brings the multitudes of myths to the informed audience about the evolution of the divinity who is supposed to remove obstacle from our way toward success. The harmonious colors and melting shapes smoothly take us to the imagined world of the canvas with aesthetic pleasure.

Shashikala Tiwari

Shashikala Tiwari's works deal about Hindu and Buddhist mythologies, women's issues and the images of nature. Tiwari seems to have suffered from terrorism, tragic events and social disharmony in contemporary Nepali society, and her works depict her quest for peaceful and harmonious society. She exploits religious allegories and the images of nature to achieve this goal.
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