Emotional Evening

Mukesh Shrestha



Signed and Dated in English
Acrylic On Canvas
 76 x 122 cm

Mukesh Shrestha

Mukesh Shrestha’s paintings are dominantly related to the Hindu and Buddhist religious shrines and spirituality. He captures various events from the Buddha’s life like the nativity, renunciation, meditation, enlightenment and preaching. He has also portrayed five transcendental Buddhas in their respective colours- Ratnasambhav in yellow, Akshobhya blue, Vaairochana white, Amitaabha red, and Amoghsiddhi green. Lotus, wheel and vajra are recurrent symbols in his works. The meditating Buddhas are seated on the lotus seat. Lotus is the symbol of prakriti, the female principle and the universe.
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