Batsa Gopal Baidya


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Signed and Dated in English
Oil Pastel on Paper

Batsa Gopal Baidya’s painting recreates primitive and primordial ambience with the textures of rocks, cave and the earth surface. This connects us to the roots of our creation and development. The traditional icons, images and symbols along with decorative motifs create the mystical ambience for meditative mood. The figure of Lord Ganesh at the center of canvas further mystifies the setting for the quest of creator beyond visible and tangible world. We view the world, and we reflect on ourselves, and try to make sense of our existence.

Batsa Gopal Baidya

Batsa Gopal Baidya's art forms are associated with symbols and images of Nepali culture. His works show the influences of Tantric philosophy and Hindu mythologies. There is "Tantric abstractionism and the use of Hindu sacramental pigmentation" in his paintings. Culture and heritage dominate his paintings. A magical ambience is created with recurring motifs: mountains, thick clouds and temples. Sharp, triangular tantric mountain shapes appear from more solid mountain forms, symbolizing the hidden mystery, spirituality and power of nature.
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