Love and Passion I

Kiran Manandhar


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Signed and Dated in English
Acrylic and Mixed on canvas

Kiran Manandhar is always in search of a new visual language. Conversation with an ambience and blank canvas makes him fill the depth analysis of the colour approach. The flexible figures in his works always excite him to move ahead for the creation of his works. Love is what we all need now for humankind to move ahead and live in a society. Passion is another important factor to believe in the work ethic. The artist hopes for society to unify fully of love and passion.

Kiran Manandhar

Kiran Manandhar recycles some of the contents and forms of early Nepali arts in his abstract, abstract expressionist, collage and performance art. Influenced by the mandalaic structure of paubha paintings, he explores the theme of concentration, meditation and enlightenment through his mandalas which are subjective, plural and open-ended.
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