Mero Aamako Thaili IIII

Saurganga Darshandhari



Saur 4
Signed and Dated in English
Etching Aquatint
24×33 cm

Saurganga Darshandhari

Saurganga Darshandhari uses decorative ornamentation of traditional Nepali paintings and recycles the icons and images of Hindu deities. In the same manner, the structure of Buddhist and Hindu mandalas are reformulated in modern form. She recreates the complex geometric structure using circles and squares. The religious scriptures appear here and there bringing together the visual images and verbal texts. The images of the sun and the moon appear in two corners. Similarly the pagoda temples are recurrent. The border of the circle resembles lotus petals. The structure is formed in such a way that the viewer's attention is led toward centre, where one is supposed to coincide with the principal deity.
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