Sydney Vibes

Kapil Mani Dixit



Signed and Dated in English
Acrylic on canvas
25 x 25 inch

“Sydney Vibes “is a painting inspired by Australian Aboriginal art. I was in Sydney in 2015 where I got an opportunity to witness the beauty of Aboriginal Art and got to understand the history behind Aboriginal art. I was so fascinated with an Aboriginal trivial art, that I wanted to re-create some and pay tribute to the indigenous people called Aboriginal tribes in Australia. They tell stories through the symbols and dots on the paintings which I found quite interesting. After I returned back from Australia, I decided to create a few paintings in Aboriginal style. The style and color of this painting  is very different from what I always do. My effort through this painting is to re-create the magic of Aboriginal Art and pay tribute to its beauty.

Kapil Mani Dixit

Kapil Mani Dixit is a visual artist of Nepal, with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Texas, Arlington. He is well acclaimed and best known for his nude figure paintings. Most of his work comprises of nude figures drawn from the live models. His recent exhibitions in Nepal including those for charitable causes have been well received by the society.
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