The Horses

Shashi Shah


Signed and Dated in Nepali
Acrylic on canvas
2078 BS

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Shashi Shah’s painting presents speed and spontaneity of horses suggesting the human feelings, emotions and the sublime flight of human imagination. The emotions have driven the figures beyond the consciousness state. This is the momentary release of human beings from the boundary of rules and human intellect. Both big and small horses in different colors are moving with spontaneous rhythm as people participate and dance in colorful carnival. The freedom from dryness allows us to recharge ourselves with rapture for further life.

Shashi Shah

Shashi Shah clings to traditional beliefs and influences which he views as an important basis of his work. He takes up age-old images and colour schemes and transfers them during his exploration of modern canvas. Shah's paintings explore the Hindu myths in surrealist form. Horse is the recurrent image in his work which symbolizes the Kalki, the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to a Hindu mythology, in Kali yuga, the present age, when the world will be dominated by evil forces, Lord Vishnu will take Kalki Avatara and save the world from its possible doom.
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