Tangential Stress 2020

Tangential Stress [tan-jen-shial stres]: By definition it means: a force acting in a generally horizontal direction especially, an invisible energy that produces mountain folding and over thrusting. 

This is how COVID-19 has affected each and every one of us spiritually, physically and psychologically; with a sense of insecurity, an uncontrollable fear of uncertainty, acts of obsessive compulsivity, an unimaginable future, social distancing and in many other ways.

Most people have absorbed and tolerated these unseen energies, coping and reacting accordingly. These energies have emitted in many ways for many people; some have gained weight, some have lost weight, some have exercised, some have become couch potatoes, some have become selfish, some have helped other people, and these “Nepalese ARTISTS” have expressed themselves in colors, strokes & mediums.

COVID-19 has generated so many new tangents in our lives, creating a whole new timeline that is just capricious. In this strangled and impulsive environment, MoNA has commissioned 19 of our nation’s renowned artists to create masterpieces to express their emotions, anger, fear and hopes.

This exhibition, entitled “Tangential Stress”, is a paroxysm of emotions, hoping we become less complacent, more appreciative of our nature and life, and teaching us humility.


Rajan Sakya

Director – MoNA (Museum of Nepali Art)

Exhibition Curator “Tangential Stress”

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