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“Being born and bred in Sasaran, naturally we hold this small place closed to our heart with beautiful memories of growing up, gorgeous landscape, unique lifestyle, harmonious people and surprising the emerging of creative talents of all forms. The combination of all suitable elements brought about our wish to develop it into a community of culture and art.”

Sasaran International Art Festival is organized by Sasaran Arts Association and is presently it is presidential by the Malaysian eminent artist, Mr. Ng Bee and the members are from the residents at Kuala Selangor District. Sasaran, located north of the state of Selangor in Malaysia, is about 32km from Klang. It is a small fishing village situated at the river mouth of Sungai Buloh or the Bamboo River.

This community based International Art Festival aims to develop Sasaran fishing village into an art village. Started in 2008, Sasaran Arts Association has organized a large-scale international art festival in every 3 years. The art festival received many enthusiastic responses from artists, art lovers and art community locally or internationally. In order to enhance its role as a platform for better artistic exchange and creation, the association has voiced out in many occasions with the local government, hoping to develop a permanent exhibition area in Sasaran village. Finally the 4th Sasaran Internatinal Art Festival was well organized and conducted at its own building at Sasaran Art Gallery Kuala Selangor. The two-story art gallery building which was supported by the local state government will be the venue for the local and international art festival or exhibitions in future.


More than 50 artists from countries like Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Philippines, Singapore, Hungary, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Romania, Mongolia and Malaysia were participated in Sasaran International Art Festival 2017.


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