Govind Narayan Jya-poo

Born in 1926, Prof. Govinda Narayan Jya-poo did his Fine Arts Education from USA. He is a renowned Sculptor, Fine Art Educator and Leader Trainer, and has done numerous exhibitions. He has been nationally and internationally honored and awarded, in which he has more than 50 Appreciation Certificates, more than 25 Medals Decoration with Certificates and more than 12 Dosalla (Wollen Showl) with Certificates. He is the Past Zone Chairperson- Lions Clubs International, 325-A, Dist. Chairman- Lions Clubs International, 325-A and Past President- Lions Clubs Kathmandu Capital 325-A. He is the Life Member of Artists’ Society of Nepal, Int. Lions Clubs, U.S.A., Nepal Red Cross, Nepal Cancer Relief Society, Ex. Govt. Service Central Council of Nepal and Fine Arts Critics Society of Nepal. He is the Advisor of “ARAMBHA” Contemporary Nepal Sculptor’s Group and Jyapu Maha Guthi, Central Committee and Counselor of Jyapu Maha Guthi, Kathmandu Branch, and Member of Siddhi Charan Memorial Literature Guthi. He served Nepal Scout by remaining in various respectable positions.

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