Krishna Manandhar

Krishna Manandhar creates music and rhythm within the images of nature exploiting abstractionist and abstract expressionist techniques. Rather than the content, form dominates his canvas. He does not use colours to represent objects and events but to create music and rhythm. He depicts the feelings and emotions associated with the objects rather than objects themselves. He presents a vibrant combination of colours and forms that is exciting, disturbing and filled with emotion.

Within his abstract works the images of wood, green mountain, Himalaya, river and cool breeze appear and disappear continuously.

Rather than seeing, viewers feel about river and mountain. They are not the realistic representations of the images of nature but the expression of his feeling and imagination. His images have unearthly and romantic dimension. His mountains, hills and woods are not the almost photographic there we see in realistic works. These are the images ‘we think’ we see, we feel about in our imagination. The predominance of blue suggests the mystery, unearthliness and romantic feeling. It is one thing to see the majestic beauty of the Himalayan mountains from distance and quite other thing to be actually there and experience its biting cold and loneliness.

Krishna Mananandhar’s works recreate the images of nature in innovative and inventive way, that is, he does not capture the normal and natural mode of the things rather he adds something new from his own imagination, as Aristotle said, and provides new experience to the viewers. He transports viewer’s imagination to the new landscape in the inaccessible and the secluded part of the world or even beyond it.

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