Shanghai International Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition & Workshop 2017

Every artistic journey needs new enthusiasm and exploration to boost up the creative possibilities. Creative ventures are influenced by the society and the dialogues with introduction with new belief and ideas. Shanghai International Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition & Workshop 2017was such a platform where different ideas and creative sense were merged.

Shanghai International Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition and Workshop is the event organized to build up the new friendship and sharing of various culture with artistic expression. The event started at 2013 initiated by Chinese Artist and Curator Li Yushi.  This is the third time that exchange program was organized. The third Shanghai International Contemporary Art Exchange Workshop for this year was held from 5-11 November 2017.  60 artists from 32 countries all over the world, including Asha Dangol, Bhairaj Maharjan, Binod Pradhan and Sagar Manandhar participated at this exchange program from Nepal. The program was curated by Mr. Li Yushi, artist from Shanghai and international artists coordinated by the Thai artist Mr. Wattanachot Tungateja.

The search for a new visual experience is always in mind for every artist. China, a new platform for contemporary art and art market is where the journey began. The program was held at Taojianwan Leisure Farm Resort which was itself a very artistic place. The flowing water, bamboo tree, architecture and the fish in the pond was a good theme for all the participated artist.

As all the artist began working on the selected canvas, their thoughts slowly pour on the picture surface. The pictorial language of the individual artist revealed their aesthetical sense. The whole place was turned into to massive studio with artist working in various technical and creative aspects. The resort slowly converted to the artistic village with energetic ambience of the imaginative thought for a week. Enjoying the work and communication among the different artistic personalities creates a vibes of new meaning into the creative process. Emotions and expression of feeling were approached with the representative and non-representative genre of works. Styles were different, moods were different but the focus of artists to showcase their personal aesthetic norms were present. Not only the works were being created at the workshop but the exchange of cultural aspects was a new learning for the artist themselves.

Exhibition was publicly opened on 12th November 2017 at Hongqiao Contemporary and Modern Art Museum in Shanghai. The works produced at the workshop were beautifully displayed revealing its beauty. Another attraction at the exhibition was a depiction of small canvases joint together to form a huge work which was created by the artist working in the workshop. It seems like a collage of ideas and perception combined together on one single platform.

The culmination of ideas and concept blended to form a new creative stage in contemporary art scenario.

by Sagar Manandhar

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